Friday, July 31, 2009

Travel Info for 07/31

We received a dispatch to Miami, Fl this morning at about 0530. We left the Groveport terminal at 0600 and headed down hwy 33 in Ohio to Ravenswood, WV where we accessed I-77 south to Columbia, SC where we will travel I-26 east to I-95 south into Florida and on to Miami. We are scheduled to be in Miami by 0200 on Saturday am. We will be stopping in Rock Hill, SC for fuel and then no further plans for stopping until our arrival in Miami.

There is supposed to be a load waiting for us or to be ready shortly after our arrival in Miami. That load will take us to El Paso, TX. We will travel up I-95 to u.s. 60 to the Florida turnpike in Yee Haw Junction, FL. We will travel the Turnpike to I-75 in Wildwood FL the to I-10 west out of Florida. In Mobile, AL we will travel U.S. 98 north to U.S. 49 into Jackson, MS where we will get onto I-20 west. We will travel I-20 west to the I-10 junction near Van Horn, TX and right straight into El Paso, TX.

Since the itinerary is projected so far out at this time I cannot attempt to set times for major city pass throughs, but if you'll check back later I'll try to make an update sometime today or first thing in the morning.

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