Thursday, July 23, 2009

07/23 9:30 pm update

I was able to finish washing the truck today. Had some good conversation with a few folks about our mission of waking people up and getting them involved in taking our country back, one politician at a time. We passed out about 4 pocket constitutions and a whole lot of reading material on the health care bill, cap and trade, the 912 Project, 912 candidates, 912 taxpayer revolt etc. Mostly just good fellowship and information sharing though.

We also just received or dispatch for tonight, well,really tomorrow morning. We will be headed out of Carson, CA to Kansas City, MO. Our trip will take us back across I-40 the same way we came to CA. We will travel I-40 to Tucumcari, NM where we will take U.S. hwy 54 to Wichita, KS then I-35 to Kansas City.

At this time we aren't sure of the exact time we will be leaving Carson so I can't give time estimates for major cities. Please check back tomorrow and I will update this as soon as I have some detail.

Please feel free, if you like the mission and the message we are spreading, to make a contribution to the cause by using any of the "donate" buttons on this page or at Stop The Destruction of America

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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In God I Trust
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