Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just a Quick Note

Just thought I'd better write a quick note to let those of you who check back often, as I have asked you to do, that I haven't deserted the site. We have been very busy the last week or so. As a matter of fact, since I last posted here, we have driven about 10,950 miles. Here is what the map looks like.

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This started in Atlanta, Ga and went to Sterling Va, then to Newqrk NJ, orlando FL, Las Vegas NV, Salt Lake City UT, Groveport OH, Irving TX one day off for Thanksgiving dinner and much needed rest, then on to El Paso TX, Groveport OH and now we are on our way to Medley FL which is in the Miami area. We are to be there in the morning to deliver and then our destination is unknown. I am hoping we can head back to Las Vegas though.

We are looking very much forward to some time off in December. We will be taking off from the 19th until sometime in January. Until I can post more details of our past few days, this should give you an idea of where we've been and why we haven't been posting here or at Stop the Destruction of America.

More Later.
In God I Trust
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