Thursday, November 19, 2009

11/19/09 Sterling Update

Our load was ready on time last night. We ended up leaving Atlanta at about 2045 by the time we got our paperwork, hooked to the loaded trailer and I performed a pre-trip inspection.

After we left, after we got well on our way and they knew we would go on to the receiver, they changed the destination to the airport cargo area at Washington/Dulles International Airport(IAD). We were about 30 miles or so from the Atlanta terminal when we got a message, via Qualcomm, that the destination had changed and then they sent directions to the new destination. Now, I believe they knew where the load was going in the first place but waited until we were gone to tell us because they know how we feel about going into airports...But I digress.

I called dispatch, and like a child, threw a temper tantrum about the change. I knew it wouldn't do any good. They couldn't care less as long as they get the load moved. I probably would have made the move anyway, but it would be nice to make that decision based on truthful information. Airports can be tough to get into sometimes in this truck because of the length. I just like to look at the facility on Google Earth before I agree to make the move if we've never been to the facility.

We arrived at the airport facility at about 0800 and it ended up being no problem. The area was plenty large and had a lot of room. We were unloaded by about 0845 and headed back to our IAD terminal.

We are now at our terminal, sitting and waiting for our next dispatch. We were assured by dispatch that they would be able to keep us moving from here, but they told us we were going to be delivering to our terminal at IAD and not to the airport too. Wee shall see.

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