Monday, November 2, 2009

A Day in Salt Lake City

We, Tina and I were able to make contact with the Cherilyn Eagar for Senate campaign here in Salt Lake City today. David Kyle, Ms. Eagar's campaign manager, was ever so helpful in arranging a time for us to meet with and talk to this 912 candidate. Ms Eagar also was more than happy to sign the truck and grant us enough time to video our conversation with her.

I had to wash the truck to make it presentable, so we ran out to the Flying J Travel Plaza and had breakfast and filled the water tank. We went back to our terminal over off Bangerter and 201 and I proceeded to do the quickest 1 person truck wash in the history of truck washes. Now, granted, it wasn't a full on detail type wash but I was able to make it look like Little Sisters in Eloy had done the wash in just over 30 minutes. As long as you didn't look too closely and inspect all the nooks and crannies that truck drivers like to gripe about, it looked pretty darned good, tire dressing and all.

After I was done washing the truck, we rushed back to the truck stop, the Flying J, and waited for Ms Eagar and her campaign team to arrive. Just as Mr. Kyle had promissed, they showed up at about 1030 local time and the following is the result of our 15 minute or so conversation.

I ask you please, if you are in Utah, take a look at this highly conservative, very well versed, amazing American Patriot to replace the 8th most liberal Republican in the U.S. Senate, his name being Bob Bennett. Bennett is serving his third term as an entrenched politician, controlled and elected by the money of special interests due to his liberal leanings. Just please take a look at Cherilyn Eagar for Senate, Utah

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