Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Headed For Atlanta This Morning

We were dispatched back to Columbus before we ever actually got to DFW on Sunday evening. The load was to be ready at about 0600 on Monday so we accepted the load and moved on. We got to DFW at about 0130 on Monday and since we had been dispatched out already I fueled the truck and checked it over.

We had some shopping we had to do to restock the truck with food so we headed to Wal-Mart. We could neither one believe how stripped the shelves at Wal-Mart were after everyone done their Sunday shopping. We were there for bout an hour and finished our shopping. Headed back to the terminal and to bed at about 0315 for a nap before our our load was to be ready at 0600.

I woke up about 0800 and called dispatch to check on the load and when it might be ready. I was told that they had about 14000#'s on the trailer then and that it should be ready soon. The dispatch on the phone said they were waiting on the arrival of some late freight. No problem, we need the sleep so we went back to bed. We got up at about 0900, worn out from sleeping, and the load still wasn't ready. I called again at about 1300 and was told by a different dispatcher that there was about 14000#'s on the trailer and that it should be ready soon, they are just waiting on some late freight to arrive. I decided I wouldn't call again. It was actually pretty obvious to Tina and I that the load wasn't going to run but they(dispatch) didn't know about the apparent cancellation.

We went to bed early, just in case they decided to call in the middle of night with the load or with something else. Good thing we did. The phone rang at about 0100 and they told us our load had been canceled but that they had a load to Atlanta we could pull if we wanted. The load to Atlanta was to be ready about 0200. We accepted the load and drifted back off to sleep for another hour.

Just as promised the load was ready at 0200 so we got up and got ready to go. I hooked to the trailer and performed my pre-trip inspection and we were on our way by about 0245. We are currently in, or near, Pelahatchie MS. There is an accident just ahead and all lanes are blocked. The Highway Patrol is routing everyone off the interstate at the exit 69 and right back on on the other side of the exit.

We should be in Atlanta, depending on how long this hold up is, by about 1630 or so. Unsure of where we will be headed from Atlanta.

Finally, we hope that you can find it in your budget to help with a small purchase or a donation in support of our mission.
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