Wednesday, August 5, 2009

08/05, Just Spoke With Dispatch

Well, we were hoping for a call from dispatch before daylight with a load to sgtsomewhere, anywhere. They do that often when they have extra freight that they couldn't get on another load. That didn't happen. We are still at home.

I called to check in with dispatch this morning, actually, just a few minutes ago. Got a hold of dispatch and they offered a load to Dallas, TX, actually Irvine, TX, for 4:00 am on Thursday. I accepted the load, gleefully. I think, once we get away from the house, we will be alright. They usually try to keep us moving as long as we aren't in our home domicile terminal. At any rate, we'll see, hopefully the load won't cancel due to a lack of freight.

In addition, an update on my "incident report" from NMSP. I have not yet received the report from SGT. Doty. I was told, upon initial contact by email, that the report would be accomplished, and approved, for release within 72 hours of the incident. To date, it has been 11 days or 264 hours. Allowing for weekends, and only counting the total number of 8 hour shifts available since the incident less weekends, that would allow the NMSP a total of 88 hours avail to "accomplish and approve" the report. Now, I understand not being able to put a report like that together in a matter of minutes, but 88 hours might be excessive and 264 hours is utterly ridiculous. Not only have I not received notification of the reports completion, I can't even get SGT Doty of the NMSP to answer my emails anymore. I think I'm being dodged. I'll keep you posted.

Now, for another subject. I think we are going to try and arrange a meetup/cruise in support of taxpayer protests, and against health care takeover by our tyrannical government at each city we are in for a day or so. I will be contacting, or trying to contact,Tea Party Organizers in each city. I can almost always give 18-24 hours notice of our arrival and maybe we can arrange a gathering and subsequent cruise around town with my truck leading and a bunch of cars following with signs all over their cars to raise awareness and get people involved with our movement. My point in telling you this is for you to pass the word to as many folks as you know. Maybe you can get some organizers on board with this and to read this post and we can get this movement in high gear before September 12, for 912dc.org.

Another thing is that I am pricing t-shirts and posters and other paraphernalia to help raise funds for our project. Plese let me know what you think of this and whether you or your friends would be interested in these items or what items in which you may be interested.

As always, if you can find it in you budget to make a contribution to this mission to help defray the costs of printing, paper, pocket constitutions, "Common Sense" books, etc., it would be greatly appreciated. You can use any of the donate buttons here or at Stop the Destruction of America. Any and all contributions would be of help in our endeavor to WAKE UP AMERICA.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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  1. I love your truck, would the T's have a picture on them? I would be interested. Would love to show the kids your truck if you are ever in South West Washington. As a home school mom I love to show the kids the amazing things that can be accomplished with a little work and a lot of guts! Our country depends on it!


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