Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alb to Tulsa, to Kansas CIty and now to Salt Lake City

As stated in the last post, we were redirected to Tulsa with the load from Dallas. We didn't find this out, though, until we were already in Albuquerque, NM. Really, it isn't a big deal, at least we keep moving, very light load, (burns less fuel), and the will pay us anyway. The trip from Dallas to Tulsa would have been about 245 miles and by taking it to Albuquerque first, we ended up getting over 1250 miles, actually 1271, Sounds cost effective to me but hey, I'm just a driver. Let me make it clear, it wasn't our company that misdirected and then redirected the load, it was our company's customer. Hmm, wonder who will pay all that extra freight. My guess would be, the end user but again, I'm just a truck driver.

Anyway, we got to Tulsa last night about 1030pm and waited till this afternoon, about 1230 or so, for someone to come from the terminal to come down and secure the load. A side note here, I woke up about 0300 this am sick, and I mean sick, as a matter of fact, I would have to get better to die. Not real sure what the heck is wrong, but Tina is doing a fantastic job taking care of me and driving all at the same time. God Bless a great woman.

When we left Tulsa, OK, they had us take an empty to Kansas city, Mo and now we are loaded for Salt Lake City, UT. We left our Kansas City terminal at about 615pm and headed north on I-29. Had to stop just up the road for fuel so while we were fueling we had some great opportunities for sharing about our mission, the mission of the 912 project and America's Alarm Clock. Had some RVer's come over, they were from Bloomington, IN, and we had quite the conversation. When they were done, I had them ripping up their AARP membership cards and signing the truck. Incidentally, I am still ill, and that really doesn't give tribute to how I really feel, but during the time we were sharing with these folks, I had no idea I was even sick. When I got back into the truck though, now that was a way different story. But I digress...

What a great day to be an American. Some of the drivers and the terminal manager in Kansas City were also very excited about the truck and our endeavor. Again, a great day to be an American, as is every day.

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In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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  1. Love what you're doin.' I tweeted your ID and hope your followers increase. My father was a Cummins diesel truck mechanic for years so I was drawn right away! Ha!

    I saw the HBO John Adams mention in your profile and thought I would send this link to a short vid I made. I don't know if you're Sarah Palin supporter, but the theme song seems to fit.


    Hope you are feeling better...you and your wife stay safe!


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