Monday, August 24, 2009

Sitting in Salt Lake City, UT.

Well, we arrived here, with much needed above and beyond the call of duty, help from my dear wife, on Sunday at about 1230 in the afternoon. A little ahead of schedule but that was a good thing. We took a shower and headed to Walmart for a lite shopping trip. We needed just some bare necessities, water and such so off we went. We arrived there and parked in the very rear of the lot, really behind the store and it was almost immediate. Before we could get out of the truck, I looked around and people were staring. One guy, with his children drove over, spoke for a few minutes, then he drove off. We walked on and I turned around, for some reason, to look at the truck. The guy that had driven off was back there reading the truck, there was a guy that had been standing in the door of the auto shop who had walked over, there was a Walmart employee headed that way, and many others. We went on inside, finished our shopping...$99.00 for necessities, LOL. You just gotta love it, go to the store for a quick trip and come out $99.00 lighter. My wife said, well, we got out for less than $100.00, that's better than we have done in a long time. HA!, well, I guess she's right.

We headed back to the truck and there were a couple more Walmart employees reading and talking, one commented, "nice truck".

Back to the terminal for some more R&R since we were pretty sure we would be here all night. We got back there, spoke to a guy at the terminal about the truck for a few minutes and then it started raining. I was doing some paperwork and had the radio on and I kept hearing something that didn't coincide with what was on the radio. I turned the XM off and asked Tina, "what is that" it was mumbling of some type but we couldn't figure out where it was coming from. No tv, no radio, sound was off on computer, what the...? She looked in the mirror and there was a guy, an employee of our company, reading word for word, the side of the truck. He read for about 5 minutes, however long it took to read every word, then walked off saying, "Wow", he'd walk, look back at the truck, say"Wow", and take a few more steps and do it again. I think he liked the truck.

we sat a =round a bit, then I had to lay down. Still very ill, or ill again, I just couldn't fight it anymore. I laid down about 2:30 or so and didn't get up until this morning at 0915. Boy, did I need that, I feel 100% better this morning. Back to blogging.

As I said earlier, we are in Salt Lake City, well, actually it is West Valley City, UT. Not real sure at this point where we will be going out of here but I'll be sure and let you know when I know.

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