Friday, August 14, 2009

Off to Atalnta, 8/15, 0600

We got here, to Phoenix, last night at about 1130 pm. Dropped the trailer and off to bed. Man is it ever hot here. Even at 1130 last night it was still 93 degrees. Anyway, we got up this morning, showered, done a little paperwork, and took off for the Kenworth dealer about 7 miles away. We needed to get a bi-annual D.O.T. inspection done as required by the company to which we are leased, for safety reasons. We dropped the truck off and headed out, on foot, to the local Wafflay Hoosay, that is French for the "high end" restaurant known as Waffle House, for those of you that don't speak Frenchy French. When we returned to the dealer about an hour later, they had started the inspection.

Now, suffice to say, I know my truck pretty darned well, and I knew I had a steering shaft U-joint that had some "slack" in it but was waiting until I got home to replace the joint myself. Well, they seen otherwise, they wouldn't issue the D.O.T. inspection sticker unless I allowed them to repair the joint, or take the truck, replace the joint, and bring it back for the sticker. No problem, I let them replace the joints, I want ahead and had them both replaced since one is the same age as the other and if 1 is bad, the other isn't far behind. I also had them recalibrate the speedo for the smaller rear tires I had installed a few weeks ago. The speedo was about 3 mph off, reading too fast, so they done that as well. I don't have the electronic capability to recalibrate the speedo so that was a must do by the dealer.

While we were standing around waiting, several people approached the truck and were looking around, pointing at different features, and talking with one another. So, doing my citizen duty, and doing what was meant to be done when we had the truck wrapped in this manner, I walked over and started talking with several of them. They all agreed that we definitely have a bloated, inefficient, overbearing, verging on tyrannical government and that something needed to be done. I explained the 912 project an d the mission of America's Alarm Clock, I handed out a ton of reading materials and information about the project and the Taxpayer Revolt in D.C. on 9/12/09 . I was also pleased to get pictures of them signing the truck and they are posted in the slide show above.

After we were all done at the dealer we drove out to the truck stop and filled our water tank, emptied our wasted tank and walked across the street for a meal. I ended up NOT washing the truck as it was 108 deg in the shade here today. I like hot weather but that is just ridiculous. We are now back at the terminal, just kicking back, a little television, some blogging, then off to bed. We have an early morning coming.

We received a dispatch, a bit ago, Atlanta, GA. The load is to be ready about 0600 eastern time and we should be in Atlanta at about midnight Sunday. We will be traveling across I-10 to just the other side of Van Horn, TX then I-20 right straight into Atlanta, GA. Major cities will be, starting in Phoenix, AZ, Tuscon AZ, El Paso TX, Midland/Odessa TX, Sweetwater TX, Dallas/FT Worth, TX, Shreveport LA, Jackson MS, Birmingham Al, and Atlanta GA. Our terminal is actually on the south east side of Atlanta in Forest Park, GA.

I will update times for cities after we leave Phoenix since our loads are nearly never on time out of this facility. Anyway, check back often for updates. I will do my best to keep you posted.

Remember, we are passing out a lot of material, flyers for a lot of causes, Common Sense Books, so any and all contributions are appreciated and needed to keep this endeavor headed in the right direction. If you can see room in your budget for a contribution please click on any of the donate buttons on this page or at Stop the Destruction of America.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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