Saturday, August 1, 2009

El Paso Load Too Heavy For Our Truck

We arrived in Miami this morning about 0130 as we expected. Our load for El Paso wasn't ready so we were able to get some sleep before it was loaded. We were notified at about 0700 that the load was ready. I proceeded to the office for paperwork and seen that the load weighed 39500#. Hmmm, only about 2000# over what I can haul legally. The office didn't believe that I would be overweight, so I hooked to the load, headed about 5 miles down the road to the nearest scale and found that we were over the gross allowable weight by 3000#. Our gross weight was actually 83080# and we are allowed 80000#. Well, needless to say, we turned back towards the terminal and called dispatch to let them know that either the terminal had to remove some weight and redistribute the weight that was left or we wouldn't be able to pull the load to El Paso. They decided to take the load from us, because they couldn't pull any freight off, and give it to another team. Long story short, we are still in Miami and not sure when we will be leaving. I do know, however, that Miami, on a Saturday, with 4-5 other trucks is not a good scenario. My guess is that we will still be here Monday, but we'll see what happens.

On our way down here last night, we seen a billboard that said, "Who Is John Galt".
The billboard had no other information on it like, paid for by ..., I guess it was just refreshing to see. Just in case you get in the area, the billboard is located at about the 2 mile post in Georgia, and positioned so that it can be seen from the South bound lanes.

We also had some very positive feedback and dialogue with a driver in Rock Hill, SC when we stopped for fuel. The driver on the fuel island next to us said, and I'm quoting, as closely as I can remember, "It isn't often you see a design like that, that puts a lump in your throat the way that does.". A very nice compliment and certainly appreciated. One in a while, someone just makes your day by realizing what you are doing and letting you know that they appreciate the mission. By the way, did I mention the guy was from Canada? A Canadian driver, in America, gets a lump in his throat when he sees our truck because, he said, he realizes and understands what is at risk for America, what we have to lose. How ironic. I only wish more here, more American born Americans, would wake up to that fact. I would love to have had a video recorder while talking with this guy yesterday. It truly was, very moving.

Further down the road we encountered some traffic in Jacksonville, Fl and while in traffic we noticed someone taking pictures of the truck from another vehicle. That was fine, except that, they were holding up traffic and making it impossible for me to move to the left lane where I needed to be to get through the accident site. Finally, they got their pictures, gave us a thumbs up, and moved on down the road.

as far as my "twitter" account goes, my phone isn't compatible, I guess. I have tried to send messages but can't seem to get them to send. I am currently shopping for a Sprint phone that will be compatible with twitter and that will also stand up to the abuses that I tend to dish out. Well, not me but the rigors of the industry. Okay, it's probably me but I'll never copp to that.

Anyway, as usual, if you so desire, you can make a contribution here by clicking on any of the donate buttons on this page or at Stop the Destruction of America, and those contributions go to help defray the costs of materials such as pocket constitutions, Common Sense books, flyers, ink to print flyers, pictures, and picture cd's, etc. that we pass out during our travels. Incidentally, what do you all think of the idea of having t-shirts, posters and other things to sell here? Would that make "contributing" more palatable for most? Let me know what you think by commenting below.

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