Sunday, August 16, 2009

Headed To Orlando Tonight.

We arrived at the DFW terminal last night, well, actually this morning at about 1220am. Had a Great nights sleep, rise and shine about 0900. We sat around a bit, had breakfast, listened to "Cowboy Church" and "Bill Mack's Sunday Social" on xm radio drank a bunch of coffee, then I had to go to work. ugh!!

I had to wash the Truck, 106 degrees outside but it had to be done. You see, with the wrap on the truck,we can't patronize the truck washes because they use too much pressure. So,to make sure the truck always looks its best...well, almost always, I installed a hose bib on the outside of the truck and now carry a hose and brushes and wash mitt to wash it myself. I can be a real pain, but, I get a lot of exercise doing it and I can get it done when I want it done. Anyway, about 3 1/2 hours later, the truck was washed, tires glossed, and wheels shined. I actually drank 8 20 oz bottles of water while I was washing this monster, but, I guess it looks pretty good now anyway.

I got back in the truck, where my wife was sitting in the air conditioning, watching the Michigan Race. Relaxed a bit and had supper and finished watching the race.

Dispatch actually called pretty early this morning and asked us to run to Orlando tonight. I really didn't want to go to Orlando because it is so hard to get back out of there but we took the load because freight is slow and we really shouldn't be turning anything down right now. So, we'll sit and relax the rest of the day, and the load should be ready about 0100 eastern time. This run will take us south east out of Dallas to I-20, through Shreveport LA, Jackson MS, then south on U.S. 49 to Hattisburg MS, to 98 through Mobile Al and down to I-10 east. That will take us through Pensacola Fl, Tallahassee FL, To I-75 south where we will run to the turpike then right on into Orlando. Since I don't know for sure when we will leave here, (sometimes the loads are on time here other times, not so much), I can't really give times for city pass throughs. I will update times later.

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In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow


  1. If you're ever in Missouri, in the I63/I36 area I want to know! I'd love to put my signature on your truck!!

    In God I also Trust
    Because of Patriots like you, I'm having a GREAT day!

  2. SallyW...Vheck back here often. I try to post daily where we are or where we are headed. You can also click on the "follow me on Twitter" button and get a twitter account and I update that at least 1-2 times per day. I will do my best to keep you posted.

    In God I Trust
    Have a Great Day anda Better Tomorrow


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