Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finally, New Mexico State Ploice Report... Finished.

After many emails to Sargent Doty of the N.M.S.P., I was notified last night, the 11th of August, that the report had been completed and approved for distribution. I suppose that 3 1/2 hours of harassment takes a few days to document in such a way that it doesn't appear to be harassment. Anyway, the report is supposedly, according to Sargent Doty of the N.M.S.P., was to be mailed today. We shall see.

In other news of interest, at least to me, we are in Irving, TX today. We arrived here from Los Angeles late last night, well, actually early this morning at about 0100 Eastern time. We have no idea, at this point, where we will be headed to out of here or even when we will get a dispatch from here. We were offered an EUV (exclusive use vehicle) load to somewhere in Kansas, just before noon today, but we had to turn it down. I was doing some maintenance on the truck and we had some shopping to do when I was done. I suppose we could have done without shopping, I mean, I could afford to go a day or five without food. In fact, it may even do me some good. But I digress. We just weren't prepared to jump and run on a 495 mile trip, then run empty to Kansas city and sit some more.So, I finished what I was doing, we done the necessary shopping and now we are back at the terminal, eagerly awaiting dispatch.

On the way here yesterday, from L.A., we stopped in Kingman, AZ for fuel, where the driver next to me at the fuel island, a nice young lady, asked if she could take a picture of the truck. She said at first, when she got out of her truck she just ignored ours but then after reading the "912 mission statement" and the rest of the 9 principles and 12 values, she got very excited about what we were doing and the message we were spreading and had to have a picture. She took some pics with her phone and then video taped the whole thing with a flip video. I asked her if she wanted to sign the side of the truck and advised her that she would have to submit to a pic for this site if she signed, she agreed and signed while I took a pic. After much conversation, I proceeded to give her some paperwork and flyers about the March on D.C. on the 12th of September(taxpayer revolt), I also gave her a pocket constitution and a copy of Common Sense by Glenn Beck. She was delivering mail, so she was on a pretty tight schedule and had to run, but promised to spread the word.

Then today, while shopping at Wal-Mart, we were approached by a couple that wanted to know if our truck was done by "trick my truck". I explained that it wasn't, I explained our mission and they smiled and moved on. I suppose the point of that short story is this. People are more intrigued by the possibility of meeting someone or seeing something that they had seen on television, than they are by seeing through the trucks visual appeal and looking at the mission. We can't wake everybody, I guess, but I just found it interesting.

Not to be discouraged though. Another fella and his family drove up, was very excited about the truck and said he'd love to sign it...until I told him a picture was in order, then he refused. Well, i suppose if you can't show that you believe in the mission, why would you say you believe in the mission with a signature. He moved on with no signature but I did give him a lot of literature, and one of Glenn Beck's Common Sense books.

As I was closing my door to get ready to leave, we had another visitor. This guy hadn't heard of the 912 project but had stopped and read the side of the truck on his way in the store earlier. He just wanted us to know how proud he was to have seen it and thanked us for what we are doing. He is with the U.S.O. He spends his days there with the folks, supporting them. He has a son in theater (Afghanistan), right now and and was pleased to let me know that he'd be home next month. We talked a bit, he signed the side of the truck, picture to be posted soon, and we talked some more. What an inspiring conversation. This guy is a real Patriot, not only to me, but to many young military men and women. Just in case he would happen to read this, thank you sir for your devotion to our troops and thank your troop(son), for his devotion to the safety and security of our great nation and his defense of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Should you see fit in your budgets to help support the mission of our endeavor, feel free to click on any of the donate buttons on this page or at Stop the Destruction of America to make a contribution and to help defray the costs of the pocket constitutions, Glenn Beck Common Sense Books, and printing Flyers and other literature to pass out.

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Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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