Saturday, October 24, 2009

ATL to DFW Update

Our load was late again this morning. The load was to be ready at 0100. I woke up and called dispatch at about 0230 and was told that they had about 20000# on the trailer then and that it shouldn't be too much longer. I went back to bed and we were awakened by the annoying sound of the Qualcomm message signal at about 0345. The load was ready. I jumped up, got ready to go and before I could get inside to get my paperwork, the office ringing my telephone to let me know that the load was ready, and then, they sent another message. Another case of, we ran late so you have to hurry, I guess.

Anyway, I ran inside, picked up my paperwork, hooked to the loaded trailer, caught my log book up and off we went. DFW bound. The rain had finally stopped, I thought, we got about 30 miles west of Atlanta and it started again but really didn't last long. We are now about 40 East of Jackson and the weather is actually pretty nice.

Dispatch contacted us a bit ago and asked if we could hook a loaded trailer when we get to Dallas and head straight to Columbus. They want us in Columbus by 1400 tomorrow. That shouldn't be problem if all goes well. That can be a pretty big "if" though, in this industry. Traffic, weather, police, scales, Breakdowns, wildlife on the road, etc.. We should be in Dallas at about 1730 and then that will give us about 20.5 hours to get to Columbus...1075 miles. What we will do out of Columbus is unknown at this time, but my guess is that they have a plan of some kind, in their heads.

I mentioned break downs as a possible delay. I have been introduced to a new website called Find Truck Service. I certainly have no desire to breakdown but I do look forward to using this site if and when I do. As you know if you read this site often, I do most of my own maintenance work, but in the event I should need help on the road, I now know where to go to find help. Be sure and use the site, bookmark the page and refer to it often, or at least as often as needed.

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