Thursday, September 17, 2009

On the Way to Columbus, OH

We left Atlanta at about 0200 this morning and headed north on I-75. We will travel to Cincinati on I-75 then access I-71 right up to Columbus. We will be stopping at mp171 in Kentucky for fuel at the Flying J Travel Plaza. We are scheduled to stop for fuel at about 0930 and then in Columbus at about 1200 noon today.

Hopefully, from Columbus, we will be headed to Orlando, our home terminal, for time off. We will be taking two weeks off for some routine doctors appointments and family visits in Illinois. I will also be traveling to South Dakota for a varmint killing expedition. We plan to kill a whole bunch of prairie dogs in the pastures of South Dakota during the next week or so. There will be 3 or four of us, all competing for the most kills and all crazy about competition. I have 1000 rounds of ammo and a video recorder to document the kills. Film at 1100 or whenever I get back.

Anyway, the trip to D.C. was great. I have been in contact with some folks about getting in on the Tea Party Express Tour next year. Tina and I have decide though, that if we can't get in on their tour, we will just have on e og=f our own. We will be taking the first last week in August and the first two weeks of September to accommodate the time needs for the tour and are in the budgeting mode now to make funds available. We are very excited about doing this and I hope to see double numbers at the event next year. We will be promoting, heavily, throughout the year for this event and passing out information to Wake Up America year round.

Lastly, I am in the process, the long, dreary, painstaking process, of putting together a new and improved website. As most of you know, I have this site and the Stop The Destruction Of America site. I will, hopefully, be combining the two sites and adding content pertinent to both the transportation industry and to current events involving the destruction and the eventual rebuilding of America. I pray that you will all bear with me as I undertake this endeavor. I have never built a website before and these "blogsites" were my very first attempt at the use of any web based applications. Stay tunes for what I hope is a grand transformation an culmination of my exhausting toils.

In closing, we hope that you can find it in your budget to help with a small purchase or a donation in support of our mission.
We have launched into a couple of apparel stores so that everyone can show their support of the 912 Truck. Click here to show your support, or go to www.printfection.com/912truck. For those of you that would rather have a hat or mug you we have another outlet at cafepress.com/912 Truck. You can also use any of the donate buttons on this page to make a contribution directly to our endeavor to Waking up America.
Thanks for your support.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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In God I Trust
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