Monday, September 14, 2009

Headed to Louisville, KY Tonight then to Dallas Tomorrow

Well, we made the trip to Washington D.C. and back to Columbus. I an currently putting my thoughts together for a post about the D.C. rally, but suffice to say...MAGNIFICENT!!

We are off to Louisville, KY tonight and then to Dallas tomorrow. I believe great things are about to happen for the 912 truck/America's Alarm Clock. We had a short interview, to be posted in a few days or so, with Sarah Palin Radio. Thanks to Karen at Thepalination.com and conservabid.com, Sarah Palin Radio contacted us and performed the interview on Sunday after the rally.

Anyway, just wanted to make it a point to let you know that I haven't quit posting, I have only laid off for a day or 5 to go to the rally and then recuperate from said rally. By the way, did I tell you the rally was great? An amazing turnout.

More later, stay tuned and meet us on the road as we travel. We'd love to meet you so let us know where you are and we will stop the next time we are coming through your area.

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