Wednesday, September 2, 2009

North Platte

Should be there between 0830 and 0900 EDT this morning. We will stop for fuel at the flying J Travel Plaza. From there it should be about 14 hours to Chicago.


  1. We would love to meet you at the Gretna truck stop. Don't know how many can make it on short notice, but I know at least a couple people from 912 can come. Thanks! Sandy

  2. To bad you can't come to Alaska. That would be a very nice and very well thought of item. Now would not be the time, May of next year would be great if able.

    Have a great one and be well.

    BTW it is ThePalination.com *smiles*

  3. upinak...would love to come there, maybe in may we will hop a take a load up to wa state, hop a ferry and come on up. wife would love that. You have to meet us and show us around though. HA

    Sandy, I am very sorry we didn't get to meet with you, we did stop at exit 432 but Michael from w/Iowa group was only one there. Please watch the site, sign up for twitter updates and we will be able to arrange a meet up. twitter is www.twitter.com/912truck.



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