Saturday, April 3, 2010

Waiting in Dallas for Load Going to Columbus, OH

We were on vacation, well, actually just some time off for doctors appointments, the week of the 20th of March. We had some good off time. We attended a rally on the 20th for a Congressional candidate in our district in Florida. His name is Jason Sager and seems to be quite the win for conservative voters.

On the 27th we went to Orlando to Glenn Beck's "American Revival" event at the UCF Arena. What an amazing event. Glenn really went all out to get the best speakers, the most knowledgeable individuals and to provide the best literature sources source available. I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of information in this event. Truly, if you love America, want to get the Real America back, and care to learn how the experts say to do that, please attend his next event in Phoenix, AZ on the 10th of April at the Jobing Arena. Really, it is in Glendale, AZ but close enough.

The rest of the week was spent going to different doctors offices, rescheduling canceled appointments, having some rather unpleasant tests performed and working on the truck. I had to replace the no lube 5th wheel anti friction plates. I had to replac3e the radiator, stemming from a couple months ago when the fan clutch failed, and then the normal bypass filter and oil filter replacements. Cummins has a new extended drain oil filter out and I wanted to get the latest technology available for the best protection. The new oil filter is the LF9080 and replaces the LF9001. The exterior looks about the same but the inside of the filter is supposed to be a better material and made to last for longer durations and heavier soot produced by the new engines, and make extending oil and filter changes safer for those of us who care to use a bypass filter.

Now that we are back to work, and have been for a week, we are focused on the job at hand. Waking Up America!!! We took a call on Monday afternoon, the 29th of March, from dispatch and received a dispatch to Los Angeles that was to be ready at about 0500 on Tuesday. What a great way to start a new week after a week off. A good long run, in nice weather, on a very familiar road, that we really like to run. WRONG...At about 0200, dispatch called again, and the load to LAX had canceled but not to worry, we have a great load to Newark NJ. Oh well, we needed to get moving, so we accepted the change, without too much moaning. I just despise the east coast, north of Richmond VA but I digress. The load was ready at about 0315 and we spent the next 4 days, did I say four days, on the east coast, north of Richmond VA. Did I mention that I despise the East Coast anywhere north of Richmond VA? I'm just sayin'.

Two canceled loads later, a whole lot of griping, to Tina, and many traffic delays, we made it to Columbus OH, then to Houston TX. We had a dispatch to Orlando last night, it too canceled and now we're sitting in DFW waiting for a load to Columbus OH. We really didn't want to go to Orlando anyway. It seems that when they get us to Florida, we sit an extended period of time. We try to only go there when it is time to go to the house for time off.

We had some great visits with folks looking at the truck in Columbus, and the3n coming south on I-71 towards Cincinnati. Ohio still seems to hold the candle for the rest of conservative America. I've added some Pictures to the photobucket page so be sure to have a look. There are a couple of folks at our Columbus OH terminal and the amazing Angela (twitter ID @dimplesang) that we met in Tallahassee on our way home. She and her two boys(twins) came to the truck stop to see and sign the truck. We also encountered another driver at the truck stop and he wanted to sign the truck as well. His name was James Boyd form Tallahassee.

The movement seems to be growing across America and seems to be increasing in vigor. America, Real America, the "flyover" portion of America that seems to be ignored, has truly come to life. I told my father 12 years ago that America was about to revolt then, I told my wife 10 years ago the same thing. They have finally pushed us into the corner tight enough that we are coming out fighting. We have awakened and now they think that they can re-administer the sleeping against...Money, Credit, and any other entitlement program they can use as a detraction. Not this time. I will scream at the top of my lungs until we extract all the dirt bag miscreants from D.C..

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