Thursday, April 8, 2010

04/08/10 Off to Rock Tavern (Newburgh) NY

Well, we finally made it to Dallas about 0530 on Wednesday morning. We had received notice that our load back to Columbus was ready, even before we arrived in Dallas. That notice came at ab out 0440.

We dropped the loaded trailer, fueled the truck and hooked to the trailer going back to Columbus. After a pre-trip inspection of the truck and trailer, as required by D.O.T., we were off and running. We left Dallas at about 0615.

We, rather uneventfully, arrived back in Columbus OH this morning at about 0030, dropped the trailer and went to bed. A 38 hour turn from Columbus OH to Dallas and back to Columbus, with a 2 hour flat tire delay, is a pretty quick turn by any standards. I know there are plenty of folks who'll say no big deal, and it isn't, it's just a pretty quick turn, but anyway...

We got up this morning and headed to our favorite greasy spoon restaurant, just down the street from the terminal, only to find out it had been closed up, out of business. What the??? Oh well. We decided on Wafflay Hoosay, that's frenchy french for Waffle House for those of you who aren't quite refined as I. So while we were having breakfast, Frank called and said he didn't have much out of Columbus today but here's what I do have, he said," Philly, I said not looking for a cheese steak He said Portland, OR, I said too liberal for us there, he said Rock Tavern NY and right back to Columbus, that's all I got. We took Rock Tavern.

After breakfast, we headed over to the local big box grocery store and done some shopping for groceries and Tina's craft supplies. We then headed back to the terminal for some R&R before the load was to be ready about 1500. We no sooner got back there and the message came that the load was ready and needed to leave right away.

We just went through Youngstown and we are about 360 miles or so South East f Rock Tavern. We are supposed to meet another driver there, with a load from Boston, that is to go back to Columbus and he will take ours on to Boston.

This is beautiful country up here but the weather seems to always be nasty. It seems that every time we come up this way it is either raining or snowing.

I guess we are about 6 hours or so from our Rock Tavern destination. We just got a message from dispatch telling us that the other driver would be there about 2 hours or so later than us. Looks like we'll get another nap before returning.

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