Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update on Trip to DFW, 04/06/10

Just as I was getting the last post ready to publish, and I was looking forward to a nice hot shower, Tina, who was driving, yelled and said that we had a tire going down on the tractor. How did she know that? Well, well, well, now. When I purchased this truck, I decided to install a Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitoring System.Man was that a good choice. This system,took all of about an hour to install and calibrate and I believe anyone with knowledge enough to install an add on XM radio could do the install themselves.

The system monitors the tire pressure in each tire and displays it upon command. When a tire starts losing pressure, at a given rate and down to a certain point below your "set point", an alarm sounds and continues to sound until the problem is alleviated. This monitor has saved me from replacing 2 tires now. Two of the wide based super single tires that run about $850.00 each. Thank God for technology and for our capitalist society. Without both, this technology would never exist. What a money saver.

We jumped off the interstate at the next exit, I aired the tire back up to a suitable level and found a bolt seal, removed from another trailer and left laying in the terminal yard, that had punctured the tire. Tina was on the phone calling around trying to find someone with a road service truck that would come out and repair the tire. Not only would they not come and repair the tire, but we were told that we were out of their service area and that they didn't carry that size tire anyway.

After a computer search, a couple more phone calls to our shop in Columbus, and a short 16 mile trip down the road we found a place that could, would, and did fix the tire.

Qfix Truck Service in Pendleton KY. What an amazing bunch of folks. These people know what service is all about. Not only could they patch the tire, but if it was bad enough that it couldn't b e patched, they had a replacement tire. After the initial hour of trying to find someone and driving 16 miles to their shop, they had us in and out, tire repaired and on the road in 1 hour. Not only did it only take an hour, but we didn't get raped, pillaged and plundered like many of the shops might have done. $46.98 later they had removed the tire, dismounted it, plugged and patched it, and remounted and re-installed it onto the truck.

This place is at exit 28 on I-71 on the East side of the highway in the Pilot truck stop parking lot. If you are in the area and need any kind of repair and or service work, give these folks the opportunity to show you their professionalism and determination to please. They do about all kinds of work including air conditioning and oil changes as well.

Qfix has 5 locations. They are; Pendleton KY 502-743-0349, Lebanon Junction KY 502-833-4100, Memphis TN 812-294-4581, Corbin KY 606-523-1219, and Evansville IN 812-768-6681. They also have a website at www.qfixtrucks.com. They also have 24 hour emergency and emergency road service.

Finally, I would just like to say thanks to Larry Goodlett, Managaer and to Josh, the tire repair tech who made the repairs on our truck and to the rest of the staff for their kind and helpful attitudes.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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