Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Off To Dallas This Morining

We left Miami, the night of the 29th and into the morning of the 30th, and went to Orlando. We arrived in Orlando at about 0330 and decided that rather than sit there for the day we'd go home and check on the house, make some small repairs on the truck and just basically, relax...away from work for a bit. We got home at about 0530 and I had to have a short nap.

I got up at about 0800 and went outside to my shop to do some work on the truck. I had to replace a mud flap and an anti sail bar, then I had to repair the pigtail that hook to the trailer. We had some work done at a shop a few weeks ago, on the ABS system and they took the pigtail apart and didn't put it back together correctly. After that I had 3 slight air leaks that needed attention , my water tank was loose on it's cradle mounted to the side of the truck and I had to check and adjust the air pressure in the tires for winter driving. When the air gets cold it gets more dense and the tire pressure drops, I had to add about 10 pounds to each tire.

I piddled around in the shop working on the truck the biggest part of the day, busted my knuckles up pretty bad, ruined another pair of britches, man that makes Tina mad, truly enjoyed the day, alone, in my shop.

I had called dispatch early and found out that they were going to send us to Dallas out of Orlando and that the load would be ready at about 0500. I just wanted to make sure the truck was ready to go and will get us through the next 17 days. Yes, 17 days and counting. Out of the truck for at least 3 weeks and maybe longer. WooHoo. Oops, sorry, I tend to get a bit excited about impending vacations.

We headed back to the terminal at about 2000 last night and got there at 2200. I had to repair a tail lite problem that was discovered and reported to me by a motorist with some very colorful descriptions about our truck not having any tail lights. I found that I had inadvertently grounded a power lead by mistake. Boy, was I mad at me.

I got cleaned up and went to bed at about 2300. We got our load ready message at about 0500 and off we went. I got up made myself presentable to the world, retrieved my paperwork from the office and went to hook to the loaded trailer. I looked for the trailer and the number on our manifest didn't match any of the trailers in the dock doors. Back inside I went and found out that they had the wrong trailer number and the wrong dock number on the paperwork.

After getting the correct information, I hooked to the load, shut the doors and sealed the trailer, performed my pre-trip inspection, caught up my log book and we were off. We stopped in Reddick Florida for fuel at the Petro Stopping center and that will be our last stop, except driver changes, until we get to Dallas.

We will be traveling I75 N to I-10 west and run that to I-65N in Mobile. We will run that about 5 miles to U.S. 98 and go west to Hattiesburg MS and access MS49 North. We will run that up to Jackson MS where we will get onto I-20 west. That will take us to Terrell TX and we will go north west on 80 to I-30 and the TX 183/114 to our terminal in Irving. We should be in Irving at about 0130 I would guess. Map Below.

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In God I Trust
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