Monday, December 7, 2009

12/7/09, Milwaukee WI Back To Chicago Then to Los Angeles CA

We arrived in Chicago at about 1215 Sunday afternoon. We took a call on the way into Chicago and they asked to pull a load out of Chicago to Memphis then an empty trailer to St. Louis and a load, on Tuesday morning to Atlanta. We agreed, to get a little further south and somewhat warmer. The load out of Chicago was to be ready about 2330 on Sunday evening.

We went to bed early to get a nap before we had to leave, it was about 1800 or so when we laid down. The phone rang at about 2130 and the load to Memphis had canceled. They asked us to pull a load to Cleveland Oh and I declined that one due to the ability for us to get into that facility so they had us pull a load to Paw Paw Mi, meet another truck, swap trailers with another driver from Detroit MI, and pull his empty back to Chicago. I agreed to make that move.

Our load to Paw Paw was ready about 0001 and we hooked to the loaded trailer, performed our inspection and headed to Paw Paw. We arrived there about 0315 and the other driver arrived about 15 minutes or so later. We made our trailer switch and turned back towards Chicago.

Once again, before we even got out out of Michigan, we were contacted and given a sob story about needing someone to pull a load to Milwaukee WI and an empty right back to Chicago. The load would be ready about 0500, by the time we got back to the Chicago terminal and we could leave right away. Dispatch told me that they had three other trucks accept the load and then give it back. Two of the drivers put their trucks down for maintenance and the third, according to dispatch, said he was out of hours. Again, we accepted the load.

The snow was falling pretty hard by the time we got into Indiana and the roads were getting slick. I was beginning to regret the fact that we had accepted the load, but oh well, we gave our word. By the time we got back to our Chicago terminal there was about 1 1/2"-2" of snow on the street and they were getting feeling pretty greasy. It was about 0630 when we got there and the load wasn't ready. I laid down for a nap and the call came at about 1130 that the load was ready...5 hours late.

We hooked the loaded trailer and headed north. When we got here we took another call from dispatch and were advised that if we would hang here, for a little while, and wait for a load back to Chicago, instead of hooking an empty trailer and going right back, that they would give a a load to Los Angeles, out of Chicago, tonight. We agreed to wait and they sent the load information. The load, out of here, Milwaukee, is to be ready at 2200.

We will leave here about 2230 or so, assuming the load is ready on time, head back to the Chicago terminal and, if the load to Los Angeles is ready on time at 0200 like they predict, we will head that way at about 0230. We shall see.

I have placed a map below so that you can see the route to Los Angeles out of Chicago. You'll notice that the route takes us south and west to I-40 rather than I-80 east to Salt Lake City then I-15 south to Los Angeles. The reason for this is weather. Dispatch runs us out of route like this, and pays us for the miles, to keep freight moving and not stuck in transit due to poor weather and or road conditions.

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From what I can see, the weather, and roads, in Flagstaff AZ is pretty nasty right now but I am hoping that it will have moved north east by the time we get there.

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