Saturday, December 5, 2009

To Atlanta, Then Back to Dallas, Then Chicago Tonight.

We arrived, as expected, at our DFW terminal in Irving at about 0130. We went to bed, promptly, after arriving and got a great nap. Nice and cool outside, no trucks or generators running, just quiet.

We got up about 0900 or so, got cleaned up and decided we'd have breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We are lucky enough to have one located just about 4 miles or so from our terminal and they are in an area with plenty of parking.

After breakfast, we went back to the terminal and just kinda relaxed. It was way too cold outside to do much so we just vegged inside the truck.

We took a call from dispatch at about 1600 or so and they offered us a Sacramento load and an Atlanta load, our choice. We chose Atlanta so that we could stay out of California. They hate trucks and when I left there I brought everything with me to Florida so I really don't have any reason to go back unless it is for a load when nothing else is available.

The Atlanta load was to be ready at about 2330. As usual, the load was late. It ended up being about 0045 before we got notification of the load being ready to go. I hooked and inspected the loaded trailer and went for my paperwork. Then I had to pull around to the fuel island and get fuel. I had planned to buy 205 gallons. I pumped the first 53 gallons, like the brainless wizard I seem to be at 0100, in the generator tank. I didn't want to do that but oh well. After I woke up and realized what I had just done, I pumped the other 153 gallons, in the correct tanks and then promptly dropped the fuel hose, in the on position, handled locked, on the ground and proceeded to pump another 4 1/2 gallons on the ground. Okay, so I'll take the d/a of the week award. so what?

I happened to have 20 lbs of oil dry in my tool box on the back of the truck, that I usually carry during the winter, for getting unstuck on icy parking lots. I used the 20 lbs of oil dry to clean up my unbelievably careless mistake and off we were, to Atlanta, but only after ruining a pair of boots, a pair of gloves and drenching my jacket and jeans with diesel fuel, and wasting 20lbs of oil dry. What a way to start a day.

We drove straight through, other than a driver change in Vicksburg MS, and arrived in Atlanta at about 1500 on Friday afternoon. It was cold in Atlanta too. Down to about 50 degrees of so and as far as I am concerned, anything below 68 is cold and below 60 might as well be freezing. I had chores though, so I put my insulated coveralls on and went to work. I just had to grease the truck is all but the ground is cold.

Dispatch contacted us before we arrived in Atlanta about pulling a load back to Dallas for another company. The load would be ready about 0400 and we had to go north of Atlanta to get the loaded trailer. We went to bed early and got up about 0130. I found an empty trailer to take to the customer facility and headed that way. by the time we got there, dropped our empty and hooked the loaded trailer it was about 0345 and we were on our way back to Dallas. Hutchins really is where we are going with this load. We will drop the loaded trailer and grab an empty trailer that is parked at the customer and head for our terminal in Iriving, about 22 miles to the north.

Again, before we ever got to Jackson Ms, dispatch contacted us and wanted to know if we'd pull a load to Chicago out of Dallas tonight. I didn't see a problem with that, other than the nasty weather, so we accepted the load.

We should be in Dallas about 1730 or so and the load to Chicago is to be ready at about 1700, so that should work out well. Our route out of Dallas and to Chicago will be US 75 to US 69 north to I-44E to St. Louis area where we will get onto I-55N and take that all the way into Chicago. There is a map posted here to show the route.
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Given the distance and the route, and if we leave Irving by about 1830,we should be in the St Louis Area at about 0630 tomorrow, Springfield Il by about 0800 and then in Chicago, if we don't make any stops along the way, by about 1200-1230 tomorrow afternoon.

We don't expect to get a dispatch out of Chicago for tomorrow but stranger things have happened. Our freight volume, despite the liberals obvious attempts to destroy our economy, has been unexpectedly high, so who knows what might happen.

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  2. Yes, that is a true statement. God Does help those who help themselves. We do what we can and the rest is left to Him.

    In GOd I Trust
    Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow
    ADW/912 Truck

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