Thursday, December 10, 2009

Arrived in Carson, Now off to Denver 12/10/09

We got to Carson yesterday at about 1630. Promptly, upon arrival, we were asked to run a load to San Francisco, one that had been dropped at the LAX yard, and then they would get us a load to Dallas from there. We turned that down. We just didn't want to go to San Francisco.

Our trip here was pretty uneventful, except for the weather and road delays in and around Flagstaff AZ. Here are some pictures.

This is a picture of a government vehicle passing me, on the icy roads, with an amazingly safe, courteous, government employee flipping me the finger, the middle one, while passing. I didn't have my camera out in time to get a picture of his courteous gesture towards me but here is the license plate if anyone has the ability to find out who might have been driving and let them know that their picture is online.

We also, on our way to Carson, ran through a pretty bad wind storm just west of Oklahoma City, OK. There was an beautiful, an somewhat unique, cloud formation just above us as we drove. Here are some pictures of those clouds.

And finally, not that you care to see, but here is a picture of our dash top Christmas tree. I suppose it looks a bit tattered, but this little tree has traveled almost as many miles than most vehicles do in 20 years. That's right, Tina and I have had this tree for over 10 years and have used it in the truck for that loang. We usually put it on the dash just after Thanksgiving and leave it there until December 26th. thats about 22000 miles average in the average year and for 10 years that comes to 220,000 miles. The average driver drives about 12000 miles per year and in 20 years that would be 24000 miles. So, though tattered, it remains a tradition, that if Tina has her way, will continue. My guess is that Tina will get her way. I mean...I'm just sayin'.

Finally, we took a call at about 0300 this morning and we were asked to make a run to Denver, CO. I really didn't want to go to Denver, nor did Tina, but sometimes, you are given an opportunity to do something that will better your lot in life, and though you may not want to di it, you have to be thankful for the opportunity. We agreed to take the load if they would route us across I-40 to Albuquerque Nm then north on I-25 to Denver. The normal route would be about 250 miles shorter but would take us through the south western Rockies on I-70 into Denver. They agreed, we agreed, at first reluctantly and later, very thankfully. Somehow, I must find a way to make it a habit to just be thankful as an immediate response as opposed to reluctantly thankful.

Anyway, below is a map of our route into Denver. We have no idea where to from here, but we are hoping to head in the general direction of Orlando or Tampa. The closer vacation time grows, the harder it gets to go in the opposite direction of home. We, however, will do what is needed and take advantage of the opportunities afforded us to make better our monetary position, regardless how hard.

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