Thursday, September 9, 2010

Made it to Columbus, Leaving for Irving Tonight.

I was laying around watching television Tuesday night when I heard some commotion outside the truck. I got up and looked and there were some folks reading and taking pictures.

I got myself together and got out of the truck to talk to them but most of them wondered off. I suppose they wanted to read but didn't want to be bothered. This was the only guy that hung around and talked with me. We talked a few minutes and he wanted to sign the truck, and did so.

After he signed the truck he told me he had seen it in a magazine and drove off to find me a copy. I'm pretty sure it's never been in a magazine but he assured me he had seen it there. He returned in about 45 minutes or so...with no magazine.

We were notified that our load was ready at 2359 EDT. I jumped up, got dressed, hooked and inspected our loaded trailer and after what was supposed to be a quick stop at the nearest Flying J Travel Plaza for fuel, we were off to Columbus OH.

The stop at the Flying J ended up taking a bit longer than expected. I fueled, went inside to get my fuel receipt and when I returned to the truck, there was a crowd around it reading and talking about what was there.

I walked up and introduced myself and asked if they were familiar with the 9/12 project and for what it stands. They had no idea so I proceeded to explain the idea and from where the 9 Principles and 12 Values were derived. They were all very supportive and even asked if they too could sign the truck as a show of support. Their pictures are here as well. I need to apologize to the couple here where the photo is blurred. My camera settings had been bumped and I didn't realize it until it was too late. Obviously, as evidenced here and with photos from the past, I am no photographer.

Finally, I was on my way at about 0100 EDT and decided we should be in Columbus OH by about 0600. The trip was pretty much uneventful. We did have a few thumbs up from passersby but other than that very much a normal ride.

We got to Columbus OH at 0555 this morning, sitting on pins and needles because of a lack of fuel. You see, I fueled, like I said, in Salt Lake City before we left and decided I was going to Columbus without fueling again, much against the beckoning of Tina.

It ended up being 1806 miles and I put in 253.8 gallons. I only have 300 gallons worth of fuel tanks and only 90% of that is useable from the tanks. That simply means that I had less than 17 gallons of fuel left when we arrived at the Columbus terminal. I realize that sounds like a lot, but in the world of a class 8 truck, let's just say, "it ain't much".

I fueled when I got here and we laid down for a short nap. We got up at about 1000 or so and showered and then went for breakfast at the local "greasy spoon" diner called "Port Side Cafe".

We are now sitting back at the terminal awaiting a load going to Memphis TN then on to Irving TX. We will travel I-71 south out of Columbus to I 65 in Louisville KY then I-40 west in Nashville. After a brief stop in Memphis to take some off and put some on we will move on to Irving TX. We should be in Memphis early Friday morning and then Irving Friday afternoon. From there it is anyone's guess.
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One more quick note of some importance. On the 25th of September, Tina and I will have the 912 truck at the Collinsville IL American Legion Post #365. We will be there most of the day and I have been asked to speak on honor and activism with honor. I would sure like some support from some of my driving friends who might be in the area. If you let me know by contacting me via twitter, facebook or email through this blog, we will do our best to see to it that you get a ride from the area truck stops to the rally. The rally will last from about 1400 to 1600.

In the mean time...Here is a novel item for the coming election year.
When The Politicians Are On TV, Blowing Hot Air And You Want To Scream, Just Grab Your Doll And Give It A Fling, Let Them Know...Hey, You Work For Me.

A useful, bipartisan doll to give you something to throw while watching the news and listening to the politicians lie with every motion of their lips. Throw your doll and scream while never causing any damage to your television. These dolls now come with a retrieval string for retrieval without moving from your perch on the couch.

All Dolls are bipartisan, Republican on 1 side, Democrat on the other.

In closing, we hope that you can find it in your budget to help with a small purchase or a donation in support of our mission.
We have launched into a couple of apparel stores so that everyone can show their support of the 912 Truck. Click here to show your support, or go to www.printfection.com/912truck. For those of you that would rather have a hat or mug you we have another outlet at cafepress.com/912 Truck. You can also use any of the donate buttons on this page to make a contribution directly to our endeavor to Waking up America.
Thanks for your support.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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