Monday, July 19, 2010

We Went to Chicago Last Night

The phone rang a about 1515 yesterday and it was dispatch. They asked if we would take an empty trailer out of Columbus up to Chicago and then pull a load out of there back to Louisville KY.

We headed out, in search of an empty trailer, hooked and inspected and we were on our way. The load in Chicago, going to Louisville was to be ready at about 0100. We arrived in Chicago at about 2245 and the load was already loaded and ready to go.

After dropping our empty trailer and hooking to the loaded one we performed the required pre-trip inspection, drew a few lines in the log books and we were off to Louisville KY.

We made it to Louisville at about 0500, dropped the loaded trailer and went to bed for a nap. We finally got up at about 1000 when dispatch called and told us to hang in Louisville until this evening and we could pull a load back into the Columbus yard.

The load out of here is to be ready about 2030 this evening and we should be back into Columbus shortly after midnight. At this point, we have no idea to where we will go from there, but i am sure there will be freight to move.

I did see another billboard last night that I thought was rather interesting. This one is located in Indiana on I-70.

Another perk of driving a truck is that we get to see some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the world. Here is another fine example of just that...A beautiful sunset. I believe God shows us things like this from time to time to keep us humble as mere mortals. Who could possible look at this and believe that God doesn't exist. My goodness how the potters hands work is simply amazing.

A good friend of mine happened into the Atlanta yard while we were there the other day. This is Jose'. He and his wife Cece' started with this company at the same time Tina and I started. Yea, I know he dresses funny, like...I don't know...a girl I guess, but he is a pretty decent guy and has a great wife and a beautiful truck. Jose' is a very good fiend of mine and one of those people who just needs to be picked at all the time. He thrives on the constant commotion.

In the mean time...Here is a novel item for the coming election year.
When The Politicians Are On TV, Blowing Hot Air And You Want To Scream, Just Grab Your Doll And Give It A Fling, Let Them Know...Hey, You Work For Me.

A useful, bipartisan doll to give you something to throw while watching the news and listening to the politicians lie with every motion of their lips. Throw your doll and scream while never causing any damage to your television. These dolls now come with a retrieval string for retrieval without moving from your perch on the couch.

All Dolls are bipartisan, Republican on 1 side, Democrat on the other.

In closing, we hope that you can find it in your budget to help with a small purchase or a donation in support of our mission.
We have launched into a couple of apparel stores so that everyone can show their support of the 912 Truck. Click here to show your support, or go to www.printfection.com/912truck. For those of you that would rather have a hat or mug you we have another outlet at cafepress.com/912 Truck. You can also use any of the donate buttons on this page to make a contribution directly to our endeavor to Waking up America.
Thanks for your support.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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In God I Trust
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