Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Truck Still in the Shop

We dropped the truck off at MHC Kenworth in Dallas yesterday. We had a check engine lite coming on and producing a "turbo actuator" code. We were told upon drop off that they would get it in on third shift last night or first thing this morning. Finally, at about 1300 today, we received a call from the tech about our truck.

The call wasn't good news, though it could have been worse. We were told at a minimum that we need a turbo actuator and that the "DPF" (diesel particulate filter) needs to come off the truck and be cleaned out. The tech also said that the EGR cooler was probably leaking coolant and that there were several other "inactive codes". We were also told that the truck would likely not be done by 2100 this evening. OOPS!!!

What is the significance of 2100 today? Well, only that we accepted a load from dispatch earlier going to Columbus and it was to load tonight at 2100. I hate when that happens.

I called dispatch immediately and let them know about the dilemma. We're not real sure yet what they are going to do with the load. They might pull it from us and give it to someone else or they may leave us on the load until more information is available. I am waiting to hear back from dispatch as I write.

More later.

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  1. That sucks, I just seen you rolling on I-75 on saturday, you passed me going north and I was headed south...That is how I tracked this site down...I think we was in northern Georgia or Southern Tennessee...

  2. Yes, we were headed to Columbus OH at that point. We got there on Saturday evening and left Sunday evening for Dallas. No good news today.


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