Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Basket of Deplorables...

On a weekend solemnly remembered by most Americans, a weekend of mourning by These United States and Her citizens, for any person, and certainly a person so significant in the political world, to call, name or designate a group of people "the basket of deplorables" for merely supporting a political foe is, in and of itself, deplorable.

The citizens of These United States know exactly who is actually in the proverbial "basket of deplorables"

We know that that basket is filled with the innumerable politicians and political hacks of both parties, or of no party, who self identify as "leaders" both before and after the attacks of 9/11/2001.

We know that basket is full of the deplorables who would "let no crisis/disaster go to waste". We are aware that the real basket of deplorables use every avenue to usurp the very liberties with which you are charged to protect in our most sacred document...Our Constitution.

That basket is filled with contemptuous deplorables who have, do and will lie about anything and everything to get what they want most, which most often, is more power.

More deplorables in that basket consist of those politicians, political hacks, union bosses, and appointees of the aforementioned tasked with the rebuilding and memorializing of the crash sites of 9/11/2001. 15 years later, 15 damned years and still not complete. In comparison, it took under three years to build the St. Louis Arch and just 3 years to build Willis Tower(Sears Tower). You folks, from permitting, to decision making to union bosses are deplorable.

Even worse are the 535 deplorables in Congress who can't seem to pass any meaningful legislation to benefit the vets or anything else for that matter, can't make any sizeable budget cuts, and can't even have a civil serious discussion without demonizing the opposition. In contrast, 40 brave souls on flight 93 took about 20 minutes....40people from all walks of life, of all different religious and theological backgrounds from different areas, most of which were strangers to one another,talked for a few minutes, (Incidentally while their lives were literally hanging in the balance), and then they voted and decided that the terrorists, at any costs, would not win!!! I would personally give my life for this country to have those 40 brave souls back and to replace any 40 of those 535 deplorables.

Madam Secretary, There are many deplorables making up many baskets of deplorables in our great Nation. That said, they are not identified by party affiliation, nor by support for a given candidate.

You see, Madam Secretary, they are identified by watching where the monies go and the powers grow.

You, You Madam Secretary, are certainly identifiable. Not in one basket but in many many "Baskets of Deplorables".
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