Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Vacation, a Much Needed, Hard Earned Vacation.

A week ago Friday, on the 13th, Tina and I came home for some time off. We were in Dallas with a pre-assigned load to Orlando when a call came that the load to Orlando had canceled and they wouldn't have anything available until the next evening. That just wasn't going to work so I hooked to an empty trailer and came home empty.

We stopped in Robertsdale Alabama and met the co-chair of the National 9/12 Project, Stephani Scruggs, so that she could see the 912 Truck. We have been talking online for over a year and never had a chance to meet. What an amazing young lady. Just more regular folk, trying to pull our Constitution from the inferno, put it back together from having gone the the "O"shredder and save what is left of our amazing country. She works hard and I hope she is recognized, at some point,for all the work she performs. She is truly one of the hardest working amazing Patriots in America. I don't mean to marginalize any of the work anybody is doing, Stephani is one of many with whom I've met, both online and in person, overr the last 18 months or so and they are ALL amazing folks.

We made our way to the house finally early on Saturday morning. The challenges of absentee home ownership are never ending. I had a well problem that had to be fixed immediately. After much digging, checking, and pressure testing, I found the pressure tank to have failed. I replaced the pressure tank and pressure control switch and all was well. Well, kind of. I still have a major leak underground but I can't seem to locate where the leak is. Short of starting at one end of a 100" water line and digging until I find the leak, I have no solution. The ground is so sandy here that the leak is apparently leaching down into the ground rather than manifesting itself above ground with a show of wet soil. We'll keep an eye on it and see what happens. I am really not up to digging up a 100' line. I mean..I'm just sayin'.

Tina and I are leaving today to go to Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington D.C.. We are going to Gordonsville VA to spend Thursday through Sunday with some friends and family at a lodge there. They are flying in from St Louis Mo on Thursday morning. We will drive up to the rally on Saturday morning and spend the day at the Lincoln Memorial. We also have plans to tour Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home and property on Friday. Past that, we have no plans.

We are very excited about the Rally. I can only hope that it is half as good as all the hype. I believe this is one of the major problems with America. Politicians have no honor and they want us to have none. The slow but steady widening of the "Overton Window" has eroded the values and principles in America to the point of little or no honor.

I will write more upon return from our trip. I hope to have lots of pictures and much to write.

In the mean time...Here is a novel item for the coming election year.
When The Politicians Are On TV, Blowing Hot Air And You Want To Scream, Just Grab Your Doll And Give It A Fling, Let Them Know...Hey, You Work For Me.

A useful, bipartisan doll to give you something to throw while watching the news and listening to the politicians lie with every motion of their lips. Throw your doll and scream while never causing any damage to your television. These dolls now come with a retrieval string for retrieval without moving from your perch on the couch.

All Dolls are bipartisan, Republican on 1 side, Democrat on the other.

In closing, we hope that you can find it in your budget to help with a small purchase or a donation in support of our mission.
We have launched into a couple of apparel stores so that everyone can show their support of the 912 Truck. Click here to show your support, or go to www.printfection.com/912truck. For those of you that would rather have a hat or mug you we have another outlet at cafepress.com/912 Truck. You can also use any of the donate buttons on this page to make a contribution directly to our endeavor to Waking up America.
Thanks for your support.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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In God I Trust
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