Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Computer Fixed and Back to Work After a Month Off

WOW! I had no idea how terribly infected my laptop was until Ron, at JR Computer Outlet in Cincinnati, OH, called and told me he needed to replace the hard drive and thought that we might as well replace our current operating system, XP pro, with Windows 7. Well, the new hard drive is great but I must say, so far I despise Windows 7. I imagine though, after I get used to using it, it will be okay. I just really liked the XP operating system. I was told that this would be a far more stable system though so we shall see.

Aside of that, we had planned 2 weeks off from the 14th to the 28th of May. We visited some family and attended a graduation for a nephew in Illinois on the 21st and headed home on the 23rd. We had some routine doctors appointments the week of the 23rd and unfortunately, those appointments led to more appointments into the 1st of June, the 2nd of June and then again on the 10th of June. It doesn't take much for 2 weeks to turn into a month. The good news...We were both, after a treatment or 2, found to be healthy and fit for the road.

The 912 Truck also went through a slight transformation during our time off. I bought and installed a set of rear fenders on the truck. Those fenders were bought from Tony at Talladega County Fiberglass, near Talledega AL.I had the fenders wrapped with the scroll colored vinyl and added the Gadsden Flag to the rear of the fenders. I also added, on the curved edges of the fenders "In God We Trust" and "Home of The FREE Because of the Brave". We also added Vinyl to the toolbox doors on the rear of the truck. On the right door I used a quote from Edmund Burke..."All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". On the middle door we placed the logo for the Bring home the Politicians website. On the left door is now the New Hampshire official motto "Live Free or Die". New pics will be up soon.

We also attended a couple of political rallies with the truck during our time off. One of the rallies or meet ups was a Candidate Forum for our local U.S. Congressional District FL 5, Republican candidates. This is one of those races where there is a real choice to make. We have an "establishment" candidate, crowned by the outgoing Ginny Brown-Waite. That candidate, Sheriff Nugent of Hernando County, made it very clear that he would bring to the floor, business as usual,the same old good ole boy politics. He made it clear that his having been "connected" for so many years will help him to get things moving in the "right direction".

The other candidate, the only real choice for conservative voters in the 5th District of Florida, the Candidate that will go to Washington D.C. and "take the THE Party message to the Congressional floor" is Jason Sager. This guy understands what his constituents are saying. He understands because he feels the same as do we. He knows that the State has outgrown it place in the Constitution, He understands that government spending is out of control. He believes in States rights, the Second Amendment...as written. He is an IRS abolitionist. HE truly understands his voters, the founders, and the Constitution. Jason Sager is the only logical, meaningful, choice for Restoration of the Constitution in Florida's 5th U.S. Congressional District.

There were a lot of folks there in support of Mr Sager. We had some of them, most of them, sign the truck and were able to get some pictures of those folks as well. Note the "Red Shirts" in the photographs above. They are all part of Jason's Red Shirt Brigade. This event was sponsored by Citrus County's R.E.C.. I will soon post videos of both 10 minute speeches from this forum and you can decide for yourself who should represent the 5th Congressional district in Florida. Jason Sager or Sheriff Rich Nugent.

We also attended a fund raiser for Jason Sager for Congress, in Florida's 5th district, on the evening of the 11th. The fundraiser was held at Deep South family Style BBQ in Brooksvile, FL. Tina and I attended the Fundraiser and we drove the 9/12 Truck. Again, a great meet up and many supporters came out to meet and greet the candidate, Mr Jason Sager. More pictures will be posted soon of the folks signing the truck.

From there, we were off to work. We were offered a load to Las Vegas for Saturday morning leaving from Orlando. The load was to be ready by 0200 but wasn't actually ready until 0615. After hooking to the loaded trailer and performing our pre-trip inspection, we headed North on the Florida Turnpike to I-75 north and ran that to I-10 west and stopped in Midway Fl for a splash of fuel.

After leaving there we ran I-10 to Mobile Al and accessed U.S. 98 to Hattiesburg MS. then ran 49 to Jackson MS where we took I-20 west to Dallas then U.S.287 north to Amarillo TX.. Form there it was I-40 west to Kingman AZ and 93 north to 168 to 95 and back to 93.

Before we arrived in Vegas we were contacted by dispatch and asked to run a short trip to Salt Lake City UT on Monday Morning, then a Columbus OH out of Salt Lake City on Monday night/Tuesday Morning. That brings us to Columbus OH, where we now sit, after getting here early this morning and going to Louisville KY to pick a load up and come back here. We now sit, waiting on a load to Rock Tavern NY. The load is to be ready at about 1600 this afternoon.

I have no idea to where we will go from Rock Tavern but freight seems to be moving and I'm sure that we will get a dispatch to somewhere shrotly after our arrival at the terminal.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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In God I Trust
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