Thursday, January 21, 2010

In ATL Now, Headed to Miami Tonight, then Orlando and Finally Vegas

We arrived here in Atlanta last night about 2200. We were pretty tired so we were glad not to get a dispatch out right away. We went to bed, got a good nights sleep and now we are raring to go.

It was about 0900 when we took a call from dispatch asking if we could pull a load out of the Atlanta airport to the airport in Miami. Neither of us really like going to Miami, so after some discussion, I called dispatch and started cutting deals. We know that there is a load out of Orlando going to Vegas on Saturday morning and we really like Vegas.

After some haggling, the deal was cut and we would load at the Atlanta airport this evening with a customer load going to Miami airport and deliver in the morning. From there, we will pull our empty trailer back north to Orlando, (actually, we'll go to the house about 60 miles from Orlando) and then pick a load up in Orlando on Saturday going to Las Vegas.

Our load from Atlanta should be ready at about 1600 and we will have to go to the airport to get loaded, that will be a live load here and unload in Miami. We are to deliver in Miami by 0900.

The load in Orlando won't be ready until sometime Saturday afternoon. We will go to the house for the rest of the day Friday and Saturday morning.We will then head to Orlando to get the load going to Vegas. We are to deliver in Vegas on Tuesday. We have plenty of time to get there so it will be a pretty easy trip. my guess is that we will get there as quickly a legally possible and see what they have for us to do at that point.

I have included a map of our route from here in Atlanta to Miami then to Orlando and finally to Vegas. The map is below. I will provide updates here with fuel stops as we travel.

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